Pornography no longer a dirty word for millions of women

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So why was there a sudden increase in women users? And while much of it is far from surprising (people like cheerleaders, can you believe it?), one finding consistent across both reports further confirms what many have known all along: Women are watching more porn. United Kingdom traffic increased 7 per cent on Good Friday and 9 per cent on the Monday after.

Aussies spend around 9 minutes and 51 seconds on an average visit to Pornhub, which is slightly less than the global average. Whether this is due to sexual stamina or poor internet connection is unclear.

2017 may have been a shitty year for most of us, but it was an absolutely bumper year for porn.

"From the #metoo movement to prominent females the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley on the world stage, women are feeling more empowered and they have found their voice. This is a sign of things to come (pun intended?) All of this has done wonders to empower women across the world with the confidence to explore other aspects of their life as well, including what they want in the bedroom". The authorities said they had changed the counting technique and the data storage parameters a year ago. "Of course, for bi or lesbian women, this category is an obvious choice".

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Politics also played heavily on the collective conscious of 2017, with Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, and Meghan Markle all making their way into the top searched celebrities.

The average age of site visitors was 35 years, with the highest density from 25 - 34 year olds, comprising 32% of the traffic.

The nation's most popular porn star is Japan's Maria Ozawa, who this year was romantically linked with Filipino chef Jose Sarasola. This was followed by one of the usual suspects, "milf", and the very Freudian "step mom", "step sister" and plain old "mom". Apparently searches for Rick and Morty (yes, the animated TV show) and fidget spinners were up past year. The Philippines comes in at 13th.

Last year, more people around the world voted on Pornhub videos than in the US Presidential election - which is unsurprising considering the site attracted 28.5 billion visits overall, or 81 million per day. This figure roughly translates to around 50,000 searches per minute and 800 searches per second.