Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Version Release Date Announced

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A handful of new games were also announced, including indie games Fe and Celeste as well as a new Mario tennis game. The Nintendo Direct, which has been called a Nintendo Direct Mini, came with a ton of updates on known games and a pretty big reveal!

Mario Tennis Aces is bringing Mario and tennis to the Nintendo Switch, with the first story mode since the Mario Tennis on Game Boy Advance!

All the characters now have tennis clothes that would probably do for a bit of serious competition, but Nintendo promise that there will be some added depth to the tennis gameplay. The video confirmed that Rainway would be granting gamers a completely free of charge streaming service that will allow them to play their PC games on a virtually anything, regardless of brand. The Battle Pack is available for purchase now in the eShop and will bring new content as part of two waves in the weeks ahead. Nintendo expected the Switch to sell only 8 million units throughout its first facial year April 2017 through March 2018.

Nintendo will also add three new outfits to the game: Sunshine Shades, a Musician Hat, and Knight Armor. This console generation, it seems like Nintendo is bypassing the fight against Sony and Microsoft altogether, and is instead offering a product that's attractive even if you already own one of its competitor's consoles. While Balloon World sounds like a whole new universe, that's not the case. Players will get a new playable character Funky Kong in the game. Since there are two new hardware launches a year ago, it is expected to be one of the biggest Holiday period in term of console and games sold, as seen by the success of the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Once you talk to him, you can choose to hide a balloon or find one. The game will be released in Spring 2018.

Nintendo Switch was among the more innovative console that came out a year ago during March. Payday 2 is set to release on February 27th.

FCA to put 1 bn into MI plant
The company said it would spend the money to modernize the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in MI to produce its Ram Heavy Duty trucks. Fiat Chrysler is programmed to present a new light pickup truck , the Ram 1500, on Monday.

Mai, Yuri, Kula, and more are all back in SNK Heroes: Tag Team Frenzy, a fighting game featuring all the main gals of King of Fighters.

Indie game Fe uses music and songs to interact with its gloomy forest world.

The Final Remix edition will also add another control option on Switch.

You can now take one of the most infamously hard experience of the last generation with you wherever you go. A small press release also noted that this remaster will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, and offer online multiplayer for up to 6 players.

Set to release on May 25, the Dark Souls: Remastered is an updated version of the genre-defining action role-playing classic.