Memphis pastor admits to sexual assault, receives standing ovation

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A pastor at a megachurch in Tennessee was given a standing ovation by his congregation after admitting to a "sexual incident" with a high school student.

The girl, identified as Jules Woodson, who was reportedly assaulted by Savage, recounts that she was in his vehicle with him as he was supposedly giving her a ride home, but he instead drove the vehicle to a remote location where he sexually assaulted her.

Church members and people from all over are taking to Facebook about Highpoint Church pastor Andy Savage, who addressed his congregation Sunday. On Friday, Woodson went public with her story on Watch Keep, a Christian blog, after the rise of the #MeToo hashtag empowered her to come forward and break the silence that protected her assaulter.

Speaking about Woodson while reading a statement from his mobile phone, the pastor said: "Until now, I did not know there was unfinished business with Jules".

"As a college student on staff at a church in Texas more than 20 years ago, I regretfully had a sexual incident with a female high school senior in the church". I could not see the main road anymore, from which he turned.

She also explained that on the night that the incident took place, Savage apparently got down on his knees and apologised, but also told her to keep it a secret.

Monday, Christina publisher Bethany House announced they canceled the publication of Savage's book, The Ridiculously Good Marriage. He then asked me to unbutton my shirt.

"An apology does not change the fact that what happened to me was against the law and that it was wrong", she said.

A few weeks after Woodson's complaint, Savage mysteriously left the church. "I remember thinking this must mean that Andy Loved me".

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On Sunday, Savage, repeated his statement before his congregation, noting that what happened between himself and Woodson was a one-time affair and he had done nothing remotely similar before or after that incident.

Chris Conlee, the lead pastor of the Memphis church where Savage now ministers, prayed for Savage and Woodson.

However, Woodson said Savage pleaded with her to not tell anyone of the situation as soon as Woodson stopped performing oral sex.

"It's disgusting", she said tearfully, adding that she reported the incident on Monday to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, which is just north of Houston.

"I was scared and embarrassed, but I did it", Woodson wrote.

Savage believed the alleged sexual assault was "dealt with" in the past.

"I resigned from ministry and moved back home to Memphis", he said. "It doesn't matter if I was his only victim".

The canceled book deal is the latest in the ripple of repercussions that Savage is suffering after his act as a youth pastor in Texas came to light.