LG Might Launch 'LG Wallet' in the U.S. in 2018

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That said, the company will still be fighting an uphill battle considering that the mobile payments space is already a bit crowded with Apple Pay and the recently reformed Google Pay.

Pali Bhat, VP of product management for payments, made the announcement that Google wants to give its users a singular approach to achieve speed at the checkout process. To provide better services and probably compete at the same level with its rivals, Google today announced a new product called Google Pay. Samsung is LG's biggest competition in South Korea, even more so than Apple or Google. So far, there were no talks regarding the global availability of LG Pay, and here is the answer. All of this information will be consolidated and moved into GPay for you.

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Google Pay is a new brand that combines the services Android Pay and Google Wallet. You can leave your cards at home and just use your smartphone to pay for things, provided the establishment has one of those credit card devices. Going forward, you will be able to make in-store payments, money transfers, and online transactions all from a single app [Google Pay]. Google is also offering discounts if you purchase an item using GPay as a promotion for the launch of the These service. discounts can be used at Fandango, Instacart, and B&H. Mobile payments are likely the future for many, so Google felt consolidating the existing payment options will make things easier for those using mobile devices. We will keep you updated on the developments. Tapping the selector will show the new Pay logo, thus replacing Android Pay and that associated branding, which is still present on the stable version (11.9.51) of Play services.

Google Pay is another one of Google's numerous experiments in the digital payments market.