Ibuprofen Might Cause Male Infertility, Study Shows

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The researchers measured the level of LH in the bloodstream of the test subjects who were taking Ibuprofen and found it to be significantly higher than in test subjects not taking the drug.

According to Bernard Jégou, co-author and director of the Institute of Research in Environmental and Occupational Health in France, the new study is a continuation of research that began with pregnant women.

Ibuprofen is a simple, inexpensive, easily purchased NSAID pain reliever, one often taken due to a combination of its perceived safety and over-the-counter availability.

While this effect wasn't permanent, the researchers warn prolonged use of ibuprofen by men could potentially progress to more serious conditions causing low testosterone production - which might end up harming their fertility.

Overuse of ibuprofen could lead to full-blown hypogonadism, which refers to low levels of testosterone and diminished functionality of the testicles. "This study should give pause for thought to sportsmen using them routinely for exercise-induced aches and pains".

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A study of 18 to 35 year-olds found the painkiller increased the risk of the disorder compensated hypogonadism, which usually only affects the elderly or smokers. He added that these male babies could likely be born with congenital deformities and problems.

The disorder called "compensated hypogonadism" developed in the study participants within two weeks of having 600mg of ibuprofen twice a day. No doubt, more research will be conducted to make a more solid conclusion with regards to the effects of the common drug and what people should do about it.

'The authors speculate that this could have health implications for such men, given the known links between the disruption of such hormones and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and infertility.

This is not the first time that ibuprofen has been shown to impact male reproductive health. "The safety and efficacy of active ingredients in these products has been well documented and supported by decades of scientific study and real-world use". The findings are newly published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"For men, it is important their testosterone level remains at a stable level". But, don't worry, if you just want to tiresome the pain of a minor ankle sprain for a week or two, Jégou says, "it is sure that these effects are reversible". Some of the men took 1200 milligrams of ibuprofen daily, which is the maximum amount directed, over a six-week period.