Heaps of New Games and Ports Revealed for Switch

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The Japanese tech giant said Switch owners will get new goodies from popular series like Super Mario and Dark Souls before July.

Even better, being on the Switch means that TWEWY's unique touch-based controls remain intact. The first wave of new characters are set to arrive on January 31 and will include Aegislash as a battle character, while Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu joins the game as the super set of characters. The second set will include Blastoise as a playable character and Mew and Celebi as support characters.

The battle pack can be bought as one set and costs $14.99. The game is co-op focused and has new powers such as spider and artist.

Finally, Payday 2 comes with an exclusive character called Joy who's initially releasing only on Nintendo Switch - complete with her own mask and weapons.

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However, had EA jumped on the Nintendo Switch train early like its competitors did, it would have reaped the massive early success they had with their releases. Both games originally came out for the Nintendo Wii U back in 2014. Expect to make a racket in "Spring 2018". The game will feature your favorite Mario characters sporting tennis outfits, and include a full story mode. Ys VIII is a JRPG with anime cut scenes and an action-oriented battle system. Final Remix, due on Switch later this year, and Dark Souls Remastered releasing on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this May led the announcements. Through successfully hiding and finding balloons, players can move up in the online rankings, which are already a surprisingly big part of Odyssey's long-lasting appeal.

Luigi's Balloon World is a competitive mode players can access by finding Luigi in each kingdom. The update is coming in February. SNK Heroines utilizes only the female characters from the series as the name implies, and it utilizes a fairly simplified input system only requiring one button. The update also adds new filters to the game's snapshot feature. No exact release date was given for the DLC, but it will be out sometime this spring.

A port of the heist game Payday 2 is heading to Switch on February 27. It arrives February 27. It sees players guiding the titular Fe, a fox-like creature, through a vibrantly stylised "living, breathing" forest ecosystem, communicating with the flora and fauna through song in order to defend the world from hostile entities known as the Silent Ones. This one is expected to drop on 25 January. As was seen when Bandai Namco Entertainment saw impressive sales of over half a million units for the Nintendo Switch port of its 2017 game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Funky can use his surfboard to hover in mid-air and stomp on spikes. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is being ported over to the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch subreddit was no different, featuring people analysing a Nintendo tweet of New Donk City billboards in Mario Odyssey, trying to decide whether or not that secretly indicated a new Fire Emblem game was in development and going to be announced soon. But compared to the Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 Pro runs at 1080p resolution and slightly worse Global Illumination/particle effects simulation.