Health officials: 15 deaths, 'high level' of hospitalizations reported from flu

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In the past week, the CDC has seen a spike in flu-related visits to doctors' offices that report to the CDC.

But an update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows patient traffic for the flu is no longer increasing the way it did in December. Thus far, this season has had 10,324 lab-confirmed cases, compared to 1,352 last season.

"Flu is everywhere in the USA right now", Jernigan said during a conference call with reporters.

He says that could mean younger people, who are more susceptible to catching the B strain, may get sick earlier, but it's hard to predict what the rest of the flu season will look like.

Yamagata is a category "B" strain of flu.

In light of this, officials urge Minnesotans to get vaccinated as flu season reaches its peak over the next few weeks.

Goldman noted Friday while some media reports have characterized this year's vaccine as less effective in stopping H3N2, people should remember the shot can still help people who come down with illness from getting as sick.

Headaches, fevers, muscle aches, sore throats, coughs, runny noses and sneezing are all signs of the viral infection.

"What we do know is that even when there is a good match between the influenza strains that circulate, and those that are used in the vaccine, there's a difference in the effectiveness of the vaccine", Werker says.

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Is it too late to get a flu shot?

The effects of the season are already being seen across the country, with 19 confirmed flu deaths in Alberta and four deaths in London, Ontario.

People can go to https:/ to find sites that offer vaccinations.

Doctors and health officials continue to recommend parents to have flu shots administered to their children.

"Nearly 13 percent of the people showing up to emergency rooms [in the Houston area] are due to flu-like symptoms", said Porfirio Villarreal, spokesperson, city of Houston Health Department.

Right now, the state is seeing 5,000 flu cases a week, according to Grey.

"Those most likely to get it, and to suffer a more severe illness, are the elderly or immunocompromised [long-term steroids, those on immune-modifying drugs or chemotherapy for instance], those with long-term health conditions, children and pregnant ladies". Even if you get the flu this year, having the shot can decrease the length and severity of your symptoms.

Those in high-risk groups, including older adults, pregnant women and children, should be especially cautious in the midst of Dallas County's deadly outbreak, said Dr. Christopher Perkins, the county's medical director.