'Grow a pair of ovaries,' Martha McSally says in Trumpian campaign video

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Arizona Republican called on the national to "grow a pair of ovaries" as she launched her bid for the U.S. Senate on Friday, joining the race to replace retiring Sen. McSally, who has been perceived by those handicapping the race as the Republican establishment's top choice, appears instead to be catering to a more conservative primary electorate.

But McSally's toughest test could come from former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Republican who announced Tuesday that he was in the race. "She opposed Donald Trump as a candidate and has undermined him as president, which is why leading conservatives are rejecting McSally and are lining up behind a true reformer in Dr. Kelli Ward".

McSally, a retired Air Force colonel, will fly herself across the state announcing her candidacy in Prescott, Phoenix, and Tucson. McSally also cleverly adapts the ancient conservative injunction to RINOs to "grow a pair" by saying the GOP should "grow a pair of ovaries", presumably like hers.

"I'm a fighter pilot and I talk like one", she says.

"Well, let me just say I've spoken a little salty behind closed doors as well so I'm not going to throw the first stone on using any language, and I guess there was a dispute as to what was actually said", McSally said. She wasn't done though, also explicitly tying herself to Trump.

"As a member of the wildly unpopular Republican Congress, Mitch McConnell's handpicked candidate Rep. McSally has spent her career as a reliable vote for corporate special interests and Wall Street, not Arizona families", J.B. Poersch, the organization's president, said in a statement.

But in a sign of how thoroughly Trump now dominates her party, McSally has been snuggling up to the 45th president in preparation for her Senate run.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers said Friday that Republicans are already in better shape than Democrats in Rep. Martha McSally's competitive district even without an incumbent.

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"I absolutely refused to bow down to Sharia law", she said in the video referencing her successful challenge to a military policy that required her to wear an Islamic robe over her Air Force uniform.

McSally released the above video on YouTube today. Her primary challengers include state Sen. After 8 years of fighting, I won my battle for the religious freedom of American service women.

Democrats have recruited Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) for the race, a capable fundraiser whom party officials see as a formidable candidate for the seat.

On Friday afternoon, election forecaster Cook Political Report moved its rating of the open seat in CD2 from tossup to leans Democrat.

The event ended with McSally piloting a fully restored silver AT-6 plane, which McSally said she promised the owners that it would be returned "with a few more miles on it, no scratches and an unused parachute".

"The Arizona Republican primary will be nasty, expensive and very long".

"Martha McSally is Jeff Flake 2.0 and part of the Washington Establishment that has failed Arizona for years".