From Sacramento to LA, women's march protests Trump policies

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"She is four, and I am really excited for her to join in marches and for her to have equal opportunity and really get to embrace and celebrate the fact that she's a woman and the world is full of opportunities for her".

In his first year, Trump attempted to block necessary healthcare for women, allowing states to block the women's health organization from receiving any Medicaid funding, which can defund Planned Parenthood. "Abuse of power. Because we are women, because we don't have power", Argento said, reports The New York Times.

The march comes on the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who was the target of numerous marchers Saturday.

"I'm marching for the women before us, the women of today and the women of the future", said Lindsey Vaught Kerr, 29, of the Roscoe Village neighborhood, who carried a hand-made sign that read "We won't stop until it rains glass".

"It's women who are holding our democracy together in these unsafe times", Gillibrand said, according to the Times.

Mayor Eric Garcetti estimated 500,000 people turned out Saturday for the women's march. City officials wouldn't release official numbers Saturday. People marched the streets in droves, with their heads held high and waving painted signs for all to see. The large crowds were fueled by President Trump's victory in the 2016 election, despite the release of the Access Hollywood tape and sexual assault allegations against him by more than a dozen women.

Women, men and children rallied in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in solidarity with the "Women's March" movement being held across the globe.

President Donald Trump addressed the Women's Marches past year by suggesting that the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out should have expressed their feelings toward him at the ballot box.

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Cher encouraged women to get out and "own" the vote, adding, "if you don't have a vote, you don't have a voice". Last year, she was in Toronto "as I couldn't bear being in the United States of America on Inauguration Day".

Joblessness among women was 3.7 per cent in December, below the overall U.S. unemployment rate of 4.1 percent, according to the Labor Department.

Tammy Murphy, the wife of Democrat Phil Murphy, said the attack occurred while she was a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

"Big 2018!" the president said in a tweet.

"We will not silently sit back as the Fed Gov continues to push an agenda that stigmatizes women's rights, LGBTQ communities and immigrants", she tweeted.

Three years ago she would have said definitely no. Fawzia Miza drew cheers as she kicked off the event with a reference to the partial government shutdown that began hours earlier. Just kiss. I don't even wait. "Souls to the Polls" is about, OK, previous year we all came together because we were angry, we wanted something to do, we needed to feel inspired and needed to connect our passion with action.

"We are people of all ages, accessibilities, races, genders, orientations and language capacities, "said Mirza".