Federal government shuts down after Senate talks fail

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"The president will not negotiate on immigration reform until Democrats stop playing games and reopen the government", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement Saturday afternoon.

"Democratic senators' fixation on illegal immigration has already blocked us from making progress on long-term spending talks", said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. The Senate adjourned until noon on Saturday, and there could be a vote on the shorter funding window if Democrats agree.

President Donald Trump phoned Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY to invite him to the White House yesterday afternoon to try to reach some sort of accord.

United States President Donald Trump has blamed the opposition Democratic Party for the possibility of the government shutting down. They could have easily made a deal but chose to play Shutdown politics instead.

The US Senate has not approved the new funds necessary to finance the government ahead of midnight, and pushed the Donald Trump government towards a partial and indefinite shutdown.

The White House laid blame for the government shutdown Friday night on Senate Democrats, calling them "obstructionist losers" in a blistering statement.

While Democrats decry the "Trump shutdown", Mulvaney said he prefers the term "Schumer shutdown", adding: "It's got that nice little ring to it, doesn't it?"

"Democrats are far more concerned with Illegal Immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our risky border", he wrote early Saturday.

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The White House also said it won't discuss immigration until the government was up and running again. In the end, while five Democrats voted for it, four Republicans also voted against the measure.

Democrats and Republicans pointed fingers at each other as they failed to reach a deal to keep the government open. But the timing of the shutdown - at midnight on Friday - means that much of the shutdown's effect will not be felt until early next week, giving lawmakers time to potentially hammer out a deal over the weekend.

House Democrats and House Republicans both met separately on what to do next.

But both sides may now be even less willing to make concessions because a political defeat on the issue could be costly, especially with the control of Congress up for grabs at midterm elections later this year.

Despite last minute bipartisan meetings, the bill to fund the government until 16 February did not receive the required 60 votes.

One might say that the federal government shutdown represents a significant miscalculation by the Republican Party.

"During the meeting, in exchange for strong [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] protections", Schumer said from the Senate floor, "I reluctantly put the border wall on the table for the discussion".

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said: "The overwhelming number in our caucus have said they don't like this deal and they believe if we kick the can down the road this time we'll be back where we started from next time".