BJP Treating Migrant Workers Like Second-class Citizens, Rahul Gandhi on Orange Passport

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This comes as the foreign ministry announced that the last page of the passport will not contain details like the address, father's name and the name of the mother or spouse.

Those who need emigration check (ECR) in the passports will now have an orange coloured passport; right now, ECR required passport was blue, along with those which don't require ECR.

Passports have been a key component of the Ministry of External Affairs under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ministry has accelerated the process of printing and distributing passports to Indian citizens since the government came to power in May 2014.

The Indian Security Press, Nashik, will have to design the new passport booklets to the altered specifications finalised by the ministry.

However, this legendary proof of existence will soon vanish, because Govt of India is planning to create a new design of the passport, with new colours and new features. The blue passport too has two categories - one which requires emigration check and another that doesn't.

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Surendera Kumar, under-secretary of policy and legal matters at the consular, passport and visa division of MEA told Hindustan Times that the ministry was thinking over the plan and it could be implemented when the "next series" of passports are issued.

The government is looking forward to make passport not valid as address proof and also change its colour for the citizens who wish to migrate from the nation.

All current passports will continue to be valid, even once the new series of passports are issued, up till their expiry date. At present, most passports (expect for diplomats and government officials) have a blue cover.

According to the ministry, the decision to do away with this page was taken in view of concerns expressed by single parents and those with adopted children about the requirement of details of parents in the passport. In the case of ECR passport-holders, this status is provided on the same page.