OnePlus 5T update brings new optimisations and improvements

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It comes in the form of an OTA update package that is 285 MB in size. If you have not received it, then wait for some time as it may take some hours to days to receive on your device. With the rollout of the software, OnePlus mainly brings improvements to the OnePlus 5T camera. Additionally, there are few developments in face unlock, vibration, WiFi and other general improvements and bug fixes. OnePlus had been seeking early user feedback to improve many features on the OnePlus 5T. In the last update, 5T clients had griped of some camera issues.

OnePlus previously stated that a December update would also include improved exposure for selfies and changes for beautification mode to only be on by default in Asia.

The update clocks in at 286MB, so if you upgrade your OnePlus 5T to the new software you should first connect your phone to Wi-Fi. You should back up your data before installing the update, just to ensure that you don't end up losing your precious data.

The significant change that the new software brings to the OnePlus 5T is in its camera app. With OxygenOS 4.7.4, OnePlus is tweaking the camera UI to better indicate the options available for the user. With the new update, OnePlus 5T captures much better quality pictures.

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But some of the comparisons came out alright, and when it focuses correctly, 4.7.4 does appear to have less noise in low-light circumstances. The OxygenOS 4.7.4 Software update also conveys upgrades to Wi-Fi control sharing, unique finger print and Global Positioning System dependability.

Other less user-facing changes in 4.7.4 include audio optimizations for the speaker and headphones, face unlock improvements, vibration optimizations (maybe the tiniest bit stronger?), Wi-Fi power-saving improvements, fingerprint and Global Positioning System stability improvements, and other general bugfixes.

Some of the reports stating that OnePlus 5 will get OnePlus 5T-like Face Unlock feature with the happening to Android Oreo. OnePlus 5 now runs on Android 7.0 Nougat software. To make sure that companies are able to roll out updates faster than before, Google launched Project Treble, which comes as part of Android Oreo.