Governor orders flags lowered for Pearl Harbor Day

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In Savannah, Benedictine Military Academy will pay tribute to all those who died in World War II. He was of course referring to the Imperial Japanese attack on the US Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. The attack, which killed 2,402 Americans, injured another 1,282, and destroyed 188 USA aircraft and six ships, led directly to the American entry into World War II, with war being declared on Japan the following day.

The seventy-sixth anniversary of Pearl Harbor was held on Thursday.

It also said that more than 690,000 Ohioans were among the 16 million Americans who served during the war. It's an event in which people remember where they were when it happened, and many of those who were alive to witness it in any form are no longer with us.

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2,402 Americans were killed in the surprise attack by the Japanese that targeted the Pacific Fleet of the U.S. Navy.

A Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony organized by multiple Lewiston-Clarkston Valley veterans groups is set for 11 a.m. today in Lewiston.