George Papadopoulos' fiancee says he was more than a Trump 'volunteer'

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Simona Mangiante, Papadopoulos' fiancée, told ABC News that his job on the campaign was to "set up meetings with leaders all over the world" for senior campaign officials.

The fiancee of former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is speaking out publicly to push back against claims by President Donald Trump and his team that Papadopoulos was just a "coffee boy" on the campaign.

The fiancee of George Papadopoulos said the former Trump campaign adviser was far more involved in the campaign than Trump and other high-level officials have tried to make it seem.

She also insists that her fiance is not a traitor, and says that he has been "very fearless and decent to take responsibility" for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his attempts to arrange meetings between Trump campaign officials and officials within the Russian government.

Mangiante said she made a decision to speak out to set the record straight against Trump administration officials who have said Papadopoulos had a minor role in the campaign. Mangiante said she made a decision to speak out to combat those characterizations.

"As soon as he find out that he committed a mistake, he took responsibility for that and he passed to the right side of history, in my view", she said, adding that she received a subpoena from Mueller on the same day Papadopoulos plead guilty to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That included direct communication with now-former senior Trump advisers Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn, Mangiante said, adding that she had seen correspondence supporting the assertion.

Both Mangiante and Papadopoulos did work for Joseph Mifsud, the London-based Maltese professor who features in the information provided by the government in the Papadopoulos guilty plea.

"I would encourage you" to "make the trip, if it is feasible", he later wrote.

She said getting interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation caught Papadopoulos "out of the blue" and she thought he didn't think it was a big deal at the time.

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"He was the coffee boy", former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo told CNN.

Trump first publicly named his campaign's foreign policy team in March 2016, when he spoke to The Washington Post's editorial board. Flynn is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

She said Mifsud was "extremely" well-connected with governments, including the Italian government.

"I know (Mifsud) was interested in George because he was working for Trump", she said. "He always [was] someone networking [with] people from different governments".

In retrospect, Mangiante told ABC News, it may be that Papadopoulos "didn't really realize what was going on" when the professor offered to provide him with connections in Russian Federation.

She laughed when Stephanopoulos asked her about it.

"I must say that they have been fair", she said. "George is very loyal to his country". "And I was happy to give my contribution".

Mangiante said Papadlopoulos "passed to the right side of history" when he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, calling him 'very courageous'.