Apple Pay Cash to leverage Discover Network

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The good folks over at Apple are back in the news, this time making it a bit easier to pay with Apple Pay. Apple Pay Cash will be apart of the iOS 11.2 update and will let you send payments to friends. But Apple has the huge advantage of already having millions of people who use Messages and who also have already stored their credit and debit cards on their iPhones. Each person-to-person payment and purchase made with Apple Pay Cash is authenticated with Face ID on iPhone X, Touch ID on other iPhone and iPad models, or a secure passcode on Apple Watch.

The new feature will work with Siri, according to recent reports, and will not require a new app. It's become a must-have app for millennials, and as we can see in this chart from Statista, the amount of money sent through it has soared since 2015.

When a user receives a payment from another user, the payment will automatically be added to a new Apple Pay Cash card that lives in their Wallet app. US users now have the ability to send and receive peer-to-peer (P2P) payments via Apple Pay in the firm's messaging platform, iMessage. Once set up, though, Apple Pay Cash will then be available for the Apple Watch in both Messages and Wallet apps.

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Meanwhile, Apple Watch users will need the latest watchOS 4.2 before they can start using Apple Pay Cash, according to 9to5mac.

Apple Pay Cash can be used to make quick and secure purchases in stores, apps and on the web.

For users anxious about possible information theft or other security issues, Apple guarantees security along with the convenience of Apple Pay Cash. All transaction maximums can also be affected by limits on a user's available balance on their debit or prepaid card or limits from their bank or card issuer.