Apple Accidentally Announces Launch of Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV

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Amazon has released an app for its Prime Video service for Apple TV.

It has now though.

Way back at the WWDC in June Apple announced that Amazon Prime Video will come to Apple TV before the end of the year and it looks keen to keep its promise. It works on Apple TV models from the 3rd generation and up.

The app doesn't appear to be promoted on the Apple TV's home screen just yet, but can be found by searching through the App Store.

The latest 4K HDR-enabled Apple TV is one of the best media streaming boxes around, but it's been lacking something important since the day it launched: Amazon Prime Video.

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In some cases, there's even specific details from the user's Google profile, including birth dates, genders, and profile pictures. The data leak, according to the researchers, only affects the app on Android and not iOS, so iPhone users can keep feeling smug.

Universal Search now supported - search for Prime videos using iOS search (US, CA, AU, NO, & SE only).

Despite the competition between Apple and Amazon, it's easy to see why the two agreed for the Prime Video app to finally become available for the Apple TV.

With Apple now having 18 of the 19 most watched apps of its competing streaming box, Roku, the absence of the Amazon Prime Video app has always been one of Apple TV's more glaring shortcomings.

The Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV is now available for download. The main reason why the outlet made a decision to stop selling the set-top-box was due to it not being capable of running Prime Video because if someone bought the box on Amazon, they'd think it could stream Prime video content and they'd be disappointed. As for Apple, this could open the doors for Amazon to once again start selling the Apple TV on its store, as pointed out by The Verge. "And they're going to return it".