You Can Now Buy Games For Earning Trophies With Sony Rewards Program

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The US Sony Rewards program lets players redeem 1000 points for $10 United States dollars credit in the PS Store, and this way Sony rewards those Trophy Hunters that spend a lot of hours with PS4 games. It's also worth noting that only trophies earned after you sign up and link your account count, so no retroactive rewards for trophies already earned.

A new section to the Rewards Passes page over at Sony that started appearing in late last week lists silver, gold and platinum trophies as milestones you can fulfill to earn points.

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It's actually points you'll get get for accruing like colored trophies, and then it's those points that can in turn be spent for credit. Once you've amassed 1,000 points, you can then claim a $10 (approx £8) voucher. This might even get me to start hunting for that "Back From Hell" trophy you get for completing the ever tedious, ever frustrating Extreme Survival in Street Fighter 5. And doing it on a gaming platform makes it that much more effective. If Playstation's new rewards scheme is a success, fingers crossed we might one day see the option to earn credits by unlocking Xbox Live Achievements, too.

Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One X in just a few hours from now, so Sony's announcement might just be meant to keep on-the-wall PlayStation owners occupied with trophy hunting instead of hunting for an Xbox One X.