Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack, Switch Cross-Play Delayed

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Fans of the massively creative sandbox game Minecraft will have something to celebrate early next year.

Developer Mojang made these announcements at the MineCon Earth 2017 convention, giving Minecraft players something to look forward to while waiting extra time for the delayed launches.

REUTERS/Matthew TostevinA child plays video game Minecraft at the Minecon convention in London July 4, 2015.

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The next Minecraft update will greatly expand the oceans of the block-building game, but the anticipated graphics upgrade and Nintendo Switch version with cross-platform play have been delayed to next year. There's no release date just yet. The Aquatic Update will arrive in Spring 2018. Neither Mojang nor Microsoft cited any reasons for the delay, but the most probable cause could be that the graphics update, as well as the cross-platform Switch multiplayer, may be ambitious. With this update, the game will refine water and underwater-based adventures. Puffer fish, others species of fish, and underwater plants will all be present, but one of the most notable additions to the watery lineup are the dolphins that will assist you when it comes to collecting treasure from the ocean.

The update will also include new water physics, explorable underwater shipwrecks, oceanic terrain, and tridents, a new combination ranged/melee weapon perfectly suited for the watery depths.

In less positive news, the Super Duper Graphics Pack, which will significantly improve the visual experience has been delayed until 2018. The update will allow Nintendo Switch players to play with players who play on PC or Xbox One.