Detroit Become Human trailer delves into Kara's backstory

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We'll see more of Kara and the rest of the androids' stories when the PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human arrives next year.

Following an explosive E3 2017 trailer, a brand new clip was shown off during Paris Games Week 2017 during Sony's gaming showcase. While Todd doesn't seem like a very attentive father and asks Kara to bathe Alice, help her with homework, and all of that "crap", it seems that he isn't just neglectful; he's outright murderous.

Check out the gameplay trailer below and prepare for an emotional journey involving the tough subject matter of child abuse. However, you do have choices that can lead to a happy end for Alice. If you are interested in seeing more about the game, be sure to visit the official game page on Sony's website and watch the latest trailer that has been posted below. The man gets angry with his daughter and takes her upstairs to punish her.

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Kara finds drawings that suggest that Todd killed Alice's mother. For example, you can try to save Alice, or you can listen to Todd and be a good android.

De Fondaumière starts explaining one of the Detroit's core gameplay mechanics that allows the player to choose to go against a direct order and break their programming; to become human.