by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Thanksgiving is a time when Americans get a day off from work to celebrate the blessings of life and freedom with their families.

But President-Elect Donald Trump is working today…to try and help Americans who have had their very livelihoods taken away due to unfair trade deals.

Trump won’t even be president for another two months yet, but today he announced he was working the phones with the Carrier Air Conditioning company.

Trump is trying to convince Carrier to keep their plant in the U.S., and not fire the 1,400 Americans who work there

As TRN reported in February, Carrier announced plans to move to Mexico by 2019, which would see about 1,400 jobs move there.

But Trump said during the campaign he would fight to keep the company in the U.S., and on Thanksgiving Day, he said he was still at it.

You may remember the furious reaction of Carrier’s Indiana workers when it was announced that Mexicans would get their jobs:

An outraged Trump threatened during the campaign that he would impose tariffs on exports from the company if it decides to go. Trump has made similar threats to other companies thinking of leaving the U.S.

Back in July, Trump said about Carrier: “If they’re going to fire all their people, move their plant to Mexico, build air conditioners, and think they’re going to sell those air conditioners to the United States, there’s going to be a tax.”

#FakeNews network CNN ridiculed Trump’s claim this morning, with Trump-hating RINO Ana Navarro saying she doesn’t think he even spoke to them.

But Carrier quickly confirmed the talks, as yet unresolved:

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton doing this? Or even our actual president Barack Obama — who not only doesn’t care about American job losses, but signed the TPP deal to send even more overseas?

God bless Mr. Trump for working through the holiday — while already dealing with a very busy transition — to make sure that 1,400 Americans and their families can enjoy their Thanksgiving, without worrying about where their next paycheck will come from.

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Source: Top Right News